Cinema in Berlin Uses Color Themes to Differentiate Rooms

bruzkus batek's cinema in berlin is designed as a series of artpieces
The artistic simplicity of the design alters the experience for visitors by immersing them in color similar to an art exhibition which is perfect for a cinema surrounded by art and cultural institutions. The design intends to make each auditorium it’s own world, defining it from the other.
“One of the halls has an outside wall covered with hand-painted wooden tiles in various shades of pink, while another evokes the back of a stage set, with pinewood cladding on the outside walls facing the entrance area. The inside of the hall is deep theater red, with thin strips of lighting echoing the corners of the space.”
“One of the auditoriums is completely black inside and forms an eye-catching spectacle with its network of light strips, that seem to dissolve the boundaries of the room — these lights can be any color desired, thanks to the use of RGB-LED technology.”