Choosing the right wall sconce

A wall sconce is the perfect solution to any indoor or outdoor lighting problem that you may have. They’re stylish, come in a large variety of styles and they don’t require too much room. They are perfect for a short wall, rooms or basements with low ceilings of for your front porch or back patio area.

Lantern Sconce

These are the most popular varieties found on exteriors of homes. They are traditionally black and although many years ago you would think that there was only one style available (judging by identical lighting seen throughout neighborhoods), today they are available in many unique designs. This is the perfect way to blend traditional lighting with a more modern appearance.

Hand-blown Art Sconce

Becoming extremely popular are these hand-blown pieces that serve a dual purpose as a light and a piece of art. These sconces are typically pretty expensive but what an impact they make on a room!

Contemporary Sconce

A polished steel wall sconce will compliment any contemporary decor. Their polished look offers light without becoming a distraction. Of course, steel isn’t your only option when looking for a contemporary sconce, they’re also available in many complimentary colors such as black, white, gray and red.

Motion Detector Sconce

Any type of outdoor lighting that features a motion detector has become a preferred choice. They provide light, enhance security, deter theft and you never have to worry about wasting electricity. This type of wall sconce only comes on when it detects movement so not only is it stylish and convenient, it can help you lower your carbon footprint as well!

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