Choosing the Right Kitchen Island

Adding an island to any modern kitchen design is the most effective way to give the space a facelift without actually performing surgery on the entire room. Not only are they aesthetically-pleasing, they are actually meant to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and productive. Choosing the right placement, shape and style will ensure that you get the most use out of your kitchen island.

  • Size – The island should be appropriately scaled to the size of the kitchen. One that is too big will result in an area that’s just too crammed but a tiny island in an enormous room will appear misplaced.
  • Placement – You should be able to move around your island and flow from the stations in the room that you use the most. If you’re using your island to prep dinner, there should be a clear path to the stove.
  • Storage – Do you need extra storage? If so then your kitchen island should have cupboards and drawers to make use of this valuable space.
  • Seating – Have a large family or do a lot of entertaining? Choose an island that will be comfortable to set tall seating around for additional place settings.

Islands are really just an extension of your personality. Choose one that fits your needs and that will compliment your space and you may find yourself spending a lot more time in the kitchen!