Celestial & Science Inspired Art Sculptures

There are a variety of artistic works you can have in your home from paintings and wall art to ceramics and pottery. Some of the most stunning and eye-catching decorations you can design your space with is sculptural art.

DNA Table Decor
DNA Table Decor (on right)

DNA Table Decor – Made of quality metal with a bronzed finish, abstract representation of a cell

This year with a focus on imagination and invention what better way to bring the cosmos right into your home than with celestial and scientific sculptural artwork that turns geometric patterns, cosmic nebulas and forms resembling the inner workings that make up our minds and bodies into real life art pieces.

Star Wire Sculptural Decor

Star Wire – Made of quality crafted metals with a celestial sheen – capable of being suspended on the wall or placed on a table or shelving unit

Spike Sculpture Artwork

Spike Sculpture – Angular sculpture made of metal with a black finish and gold accents resembling star bursts and nebulas

Nested Cubes on Stand Sculptural Art

Nested Cubes on Stand – Standing sculpture constructed of iron, resembling abstract geometric patterns

Supernova Table Sculpture

Supernova Sculpture – Hollow metal tubular design with an antiqued bronzed finish

Sphere Table Sculpture


Sphere Decor – Made of iron with concentric circles resembling a model of a spherical planet