Contemporary Cafe Made from Cardboard

Situated in Mumbai’s central business district, ‘cardboard bombay’ by NUDES literally explores ‘thinking outside the cardboard box.’ the project by the architect uses the 100% recyclable and biodegradable material to form the interior of the cafe. the material has been selected as it is extremely versatile and also has excellent sound absorption properties.

the entire landscape of ‘cardboard bombay’ including the dynamic free flowing geometries, bespoke furniture and light fixtures have been sculpted entirely from cardboard. building with cardboard meant constant exploration and inquiry into material performance.

NUDES approached the material as students, constantly diving into research which included prototyping and testing the material in real world constraints including humidity, water resistance and temperature fluctuations.

the table tops are impregnated with wax treatment to prevent water absorption and facilitate ease of maintenance. the cardboard is also comprised of approximately 50% air which makes it lightweight and durable.

in addition, there exists a strong co-relation between the geometry of the ‘micro’ sinuous fluting of cardboard sheets and the ‘macro’ sinuous free flowing forms. intricate patterns and textures are created by slicing the cardboard fluting at different angles and curvatures governed by geometric discipline.

the space aims to engage a dialogue and conversation on the role of design, material and technology in protecting the earth’s resources towards a sustainable future.