Bunk Beds vs Loft Beds – Both great for small spaces

With so many styles of bed on the market today, it can sometimes seem a daunting task to choose just one. When choosing a bed you should address what it is that you actually need from the piece of furniture in question.

For example, are you looking for a luxury bed to create a centrepiece in a large room? Do you wish to invest in a bed that utilizes space efficiently? Alternatively do you wish to make a fashion statement with the likes of futon loungers or something? Or is your bed there simply to provide you with a comfortable, supportive night’s sleep? Whichever option you choose, you can guarantee that there is a style to suit your every need.

The classic two-person bunk bed is probably the best space saving option as it encapsulates two people in one area. The bunk bed utilises height rather than width, which means you have the rest of the room to play with. There are now several variations of the bunk bed available; these include the likes of futon styles and also loft versions.

Loft beds are a great option for a smaller room, as you are able to utilise the space underneath the bed to your advantage. This space could be used for the likes of a seating area, a cupboard or storage. Many children’s rooms contain the above option and parents tend to place a desk beneath the bed. This space is a great option for a child, as he or she will feel like she has her own grown-up space to do her homework in!

Bunk beds are available in a huge range of different styles and materials. Many of the modern versions are available in metal, whilst the more traditional styles come in the form of pine or other painted or varnished wood.

As long as you team the style of the bed to the rest of the room, everything will generally tie in stylishly together.