Best Brilliant Vanities & Stylish Dressing Tables

We don’t see them as often anymore, but vanities and dressing tables were a common household furnishing at one time – they are designated for primping, pampering and getting ready to start the day, to go out in the evening or right before bedtime.

The beauty of these furnishings is they stored everything in one location while making it a comfortable experience. Vanities and dressing tables often come with a spacious top, mirror and a seat or bench to apply or take off makeup and / or jewelry, to brush and style your hair, put on shoes, give manicures, groom and take care of some of our personal hygienic wants and needs.

Below are some of the best brilliant vanities and modern dressing tables

Nightfly Dressing Table comes with a flip up built in mirror with overhead lighting and ample storage space with multiple drawers and a modern cube seat

Allure Vanity comes with an enclosed mirror and storage, it can double as a desk

French chic dressing table is white and wooden with two drawers, a cushioned stool and 3 sided mirror

Antique blue dressing table with a shabby chic style, ample storage and a spacious top

Ultra contemporary vanity dressing table, shiny and bright covered fully in mirrors with a contrasting black cushioned stool

Round mirror dressing table with large oval mirror and white finish

Hollywood glam style dressing table with lavender color upholstered chair, built in lights and full mirror covering