Breathtaking Backsplashes

The backsplash is an often overlooked area of the the kitchen. It is certainly a functional item, protecting the back wall from splashes. However, it adds a splash of style as well as it usually stands out from the rest of your kitchen walls. If you’re looking to get creative with your kitchen, take a good hard look at your backsplash and see if you can’t spice it up.

One option that is becoming increasingly popular is continuing the counter material up the wall to create the backsplash. This maintains a cohesive pattern, design, and texture, and it can make a statement, especially if you counter material is unique like granite or funky tiling.

And backsplashes don’t have to be one solid material the whole way around your kitchen. You can play with changing the material based on the location, such as darkening the color behind the stove and sink, or by running the countertop up from the counter but choosing a completely different style for other areas of the kitchen.

There are a variety of materials you can choose from when creating your perfect backsplash, and they each have their own style personality. For instance, tile can be plain or pack a powerful punch if you choose an interesting pattern or color combination. You can go laminate, black glass, or ceramic. And then there are the more daring options, like bamboo or other woods, and even metal backsplashes.

This is one style detail that you don’t want to overlook when re-decorating your kitchen!