Bored with Your Floors?

Do you wish that you could just have one element in your home that none of your family, friends or neighbors could outdo you with? Well, if you want to stand out and you’re willing to pay a pretty penny to do so, Budri is an Italian company that can certainly make it happen!

The marble inlay floor pictured is just one of the exciting projects that they have in their portfolio. Whether you want your floor, walls or entire bathroom to become a piece of art, they have the designers that can make it happen.

Who is Budri?

Budri has more than 50 years of experience working stone and marble and 20 years perfecting their artistic inlay skills. Every project, whether it is a piece of furniture or an entire room is tailor-made like a fine Italian suit in a way that only they can perfect.

Your project would begin with a private consultation with one of their architects who would ultimately be behind the design that is created for you. Materials and finishes are selected and they work very closely with their customers throughout the entire process.

They offer three primary collections being Budri Home, Budri Classic and Budri Woogie from some of the world’s most brilliant designers including Marco Piva, Patricia Urquiola, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Peia Associati and Uainot Architetti. To learn more about their unparalleled work in marble and stone inlay, visit the Budri website.