Bored at Home? Try these Fun & On-going Activities

With everyone social distancing and staying inside of their home these days, things can get…well, a little boring. Here are our top picks for stay-at-home activities that will make being at home all day and night a lot more fun!

modern dart board padstyle

Purchase a dart board. Yes that’s right! Why a dart board? Darts are easy to learn and they don’t take up too much space. Plus, they are affordable. Dart boards typically run about $50 to $150. They can easily be installed on a wall without taking up too much room. They can be used for practice or as a family game to play at home. Some dart games include cricket or around the world.

Make a home theater. It’s easier than it sounds. You can transform a room in your home, such as the basement or family room into a home theater with row seating, surround sound speakers, and an extra large wall mounted television. Some people even choose to buy a projection screen instead. It’ll give you that big screen movie experience from the comfort of your home. Films will be way more fun to watch. Just be sure to have plenty of popcorn ready for when the lights dim!

Build an aquarium. Fish are easy to take care of once you understand the basics. They are fun to watch as they grow and as they interact with their environment. By creating the underwater terrarium yourself, you will be the one designing your new fishes home. Turn it into a fantastical wonderland with castles and ships or create a true replica of a tropical underwater ocean with real coral and plants. Continue to introduce new aquatic creatures to the mix and observe how they interact together.

Buy a karaoke machine or a microphone / amp. Karaoke machines are super useful because most come with microphones and amps already. Many come preprogrammed with songs and lyrics that can be hooked up to your TV. If you want to DIY a karaoke machine, use YouTube and search for songs with video lyrics. Purchase 1 or 2 microphones (for duets and harmonizing vocals) that can be hooked up to an amplifier. Remember you are going to need an individual amplifier for each mic you get. Its lots of fun and it can be hilarious especially if you’re out of karaoke practice!

Cooking Competition. Once a week, schedule a cooking competition for you and the other members of your household. Seek out different recipes using ingredients you typically don’t use. Not only will it be a weekly challenge, but it will also expand your tastes.

Reading Together, Storytime. We know its the year 2020, but gathering around with members of your household and reading a book aloud together is a wonderful way to (literally!) get everyone on the same page. Pass the book around so that everyone can read a paragraph. Or you can designate one person to do the reading for that day. Even if it’s only one chapter a week, its interactive and entertaining for everyone involved.

We know it can be a real challenge to find fun things to do at home. We can run out of ideas. Some of us get stuck playing on our phones and computers. Whereas others even make the mistake of investing in big toys that we regret buying later, like a pool table or a trampoline. These fun stay-at-home activities will get everyone in the household interacting without breaking the bank either.