Bold Crimson & Red Accents in Neutral Color Interior Design Azalea House

Crimson red is a bold color choice rarely seen in modern day homes. Very few designers and homeowners feel brave enough to use this color in a tasteful way.

The Azalea House does a wonderful job at transforming its otherwise neutral color palette into an eye-catching design with pops of red throughout the space. Marked by gray walls, white floors and taupe wooden fixtures, FADD Studio decided to bring another element to the design. Deep red doors inspired by English phone booths are one feature of the home.

Two tribal pottery vases practically touching the ceiling have glimpses of red throughout their pattern.

This draws the eye towards the other red hue accents such as the bottom of the staircase, an avant-garde lounge chair, a vase on the dining room table and vertical, rectangular slats on the living room wall.

The unique staircase showcases a sharp contrast in colors, going from red to white to black and to light wood, incorporating nearly every color throughout the space into its palette.

The space is both serene and energetic. This marvelous interior design pays tribute to the bold color red as a perfect accent hue and to neutral colors as a foundation for it to shine.