‘Birthed From Fire’ Alquimia Collection Uses Fire to Create Unique Furniture

Fire, an element with the power to destroy and in this case, the power to create. The Alquimia Collection by EWE Studio is a 3 piece collection of functional furnishings made using a mix of classic artisan disciplines from a variety of workshops and then shaped by hand.

furniture on fire: EWE studio sculpts contemporary objects using centuries-old techniques

The primary mediums used are wood, steel and blown glass creating unusual textures and interesting hues throughout the designs. The collection consists of a table, a chair and a lamp.

EWE studio

The “Humo Table,” is a long dining table made of oiled and burnt steel. It is sealed with a burnt white oak cover which is held together by 660 lbs of mexican orizaba black marble.

The top is constructed using a two inch white oak which has been burnt with a handheld torch drawn from the Japanese “yakisugi” technique which protects the wood from weathering giving it a unique color and texture.

Designers gathered the stone from a black marble quarry and used discretion when choosing materials with the right weight, size and character to support the rest of the structure and give it the fascinating look they were aiming for.

“It was important that the shape of the stone was carved by the mountain and the environmental conditions,” designers said.

EWE studio

The chair and lamp are also created using fire as primary tool in their design. The “Ceniza Chair” is a 3-legged chair connected using an ancient technique called “espiga vista.” Which is made from sealed burnt white oak with a black leather seat.  The “Magma Light” is a lamp created in collaboration with glass lab Nouvel Studio drawn from molds made in native volcanic stone. Glass is blown inside the stone which generates undulating bubbles that vary in shape and thickness.

EWE studio

Sourcing natural materials and utilizing ancient practices from different cultures where fire is a main component in their creation, these remarkable furnishings combine the old ways with new modern style.