Beautifully Designed Home Offices & Studies

Where you work can be a key factor in the quality of your work and your time efficiency. When working from home there can be many more distractions without the right furnishings and design to give you the work environment you desire.

If you work remotely on certain days of the week and go into an office on others or your business is conducted directly from your home you may meet with clients as well meaning you want your home study and your home office set up in such a way that it brings the most to your business and your work experience. Having the right furniture in your office to help order your Office Supplies and prevent clutter will help you get in the right frame of mind for work, but did you realise that there are some other things that you might want to consider for your business. For example, just for a bit of piece of mind, you could take a look at getting cheaper energy bills by using a comparison company like Simply Switch. Following this, if you are saving money on your bills then you can spend more if you want to redesign your office. Below are beautifully designed home studies and home offices for inspiration and ideas.

Compact and minimal – this home office keeps it simple with a sleek white desk and a comfortable rolling chair – the highlight of this home office – the large glass paneled window to see the outdoors while you work. When it comes to remodelling an office, a lot of people do tend to struggle in terms of finding the right necessities that can accommodate their needs, such as some individuals not being able to find a suitable chair for for taller people. These are the sorts of aspects you’ll need to consider when you are in the planning stages of your home office or any workplace.

Contemporary Multi-User – Set up similar to a library computer lab but with a lot more style, this home office uses one long desk with multiple computers for workers to sit side by side to get their work done. It comes equipped a large comfortable couch and cozy upholstered rolling chairs for both the computers and for another who may want to read or get non-computer related work done.

Group Study – This design is set up for one to many people for group discussions, meetings or for an individual who needs more space to do research and work.

Cozy Executive – Set up for one on one meetings, this design is great if you have clients that you meet with in your home office with two comfortable chairs facing the main desk, the fireplace, wooden fixtures and furnishings are a nice touch providing a cozy and warm feeling.

Mid Century Modern – featuring a combination of classic mid century modern pieces such as wooden furnishings combined with glass and metal furnishings, this office is features bright colored accents, minimal furnishings while also expressing versatility – able to be used as a study space, office or a place to hold meetings with clients.