Bad Interior Design? 3 Easy Ways to Fix Your Eyesore Room

If you’ve ever walked into a room and your eyes hurt from the sight of it, you’ve probably seen bad interior design. Everything looks out of place, some furnishings look brand new, while others look like they were found on the side of the road on bulk garbage day. 

We get it. Not everyone is a trained professional interior designer. We have the solution. Here are 3 easy ways you can fix that eyesore room in your house. 

Interior Design Room with Cohesive Color Flow
Interior Design Room with Cohesive Color Flow

Find Consistency in Color

Consistency and flow of a room plays a huge role in its design. A color wheel is a great tool for reference to better understand cool and warm tones, which colors complement each other and the combination of hues that will make a room look fantastic. If you want to skip the color wheel altogether, find a color in a textile or furnishing you already have. For example, if you have an area rug with a crimson red splashed throughout its pattern. Use this red as your constant variable color. This means purchasing accent pillows, a throw blanket, wall art and even a standing lamp in crimson red. If you don’t have any décor or furniture with a color you want to use, choose your own. A cohesive color will help tie the room together.

Bring Nature Indoors 

Interior Design Living Room with Indoor House Plants
Interior Design Room with Indoor House Plants

When all else fails, bring nature indoors. Indoor house plants are your best friend. Not only can they cover up any design flaws, they bring a serene, whimsical appearance to your space. All of a sudden your room went from dull or messy, to refreshing and homely.  Not only are plants an easy way to bring new life to your room, some plants can actually purify air, making them attractive and healthy for you.

Use Coverings on Furniture

Interior Design Living Room with Furniture Covers and Tapestries
Interior Design Room with Furniture Covers and Tapestries

Another easy way to revamp your room – coverings! We aren’t talking about the plastic your grandparents put over their sofa to keep it from getting dusty and worn. Coverings can range from beautiful silk tapestries and sheer white drapes to fully upholstered spreads changing the entire appearance, like color and style, of a specific furnishing. They are beneficial if you have a particular furnishing you won’t part with, or if you just don’t have it in your budget right now to replace furniture. 

Sounds simple, right? It is! You don’t have to wait to toss out everything you own and start from scratch. These are easy tips for a quick solution to your interior design woes.