Artistically Sculptural and Perfectly Functional: “SCULPTIONAL” Furniture & Home Decor

You’ve probably seen it before. In fact, you have probably seen it and said “WOW! That is such a unique and interesting lamp, it looks like a sculpture!” Sculptional furniture is designed to appear as both a fine art sculpture and to be used as a functional everyday item. Sculp-tional or Sculptional furniture is the best way to add artistry into your space without its sole function being to admire from afar.

Many people don’t understand the purpose of art, and that’s okay! Sometimes the reason isn’t about appreciating artwork in our homes and offices, the reason is because we simply don’t have the space for it. That being said, why not give Sculptional furniture a try? Here are some beautiful examples from online modern furniture store,, to get you started on your Sculptional design journey:

Physics Sputnik Ceiling Lamp

Sculptional design, Physics Sputnik Ceiling Lamp |
Physics Sputnik Ceiling Lamp from

Aside from the fact it hangs from your ceiling the way any ordinary chandelier would, this sculptional Physics Sputnik Ceiling Lamp looks more like a futuristic abstract sculpture than a functional room-brightening ceiling light. The genius behind this design is the varying lengths of arms each holding an orb-shape light at its end. Of course, its shiny reflective finish helps it to stand out as well. This imaginative sculptional ceiling light appears as an outstanding hanging artwork when it isn’t illuminated.

Frank Gehry Bench

Sculptional design, frank gehry bench |
Frank Gehry Bench from

In a previous post, we wrote about large-scale sculptures by popular artists, such as ROTRAUT. We are not comparing apples to oranges, or oranges to apples, but we are calling out the similar use of bold shapes and bright solid colors in this Frank Gehry Bench custom design. These sculptional benches were designed by famous architect Frank Gehry and are made from a single piece of roto-molded polymer. Although they appear as large modern cubist sculptures, they also serve as seating for both indoor and outdoor use.

Reece Side Table

Sculptional design, reese side table |
Reese Side Table From

“It sort of looks like a drum.” Yes, it does! And that’s exactly the point of this sculptional side table, named the Reese Side Table. It appears like a high-end percussion instrument. But of course, it serves as a functioning side table. Now don’t be disappointed that it doesn’t actually work as a drum! Who would want to put a heavy vase, or weighted lamp on top of a shimmery gold-finished snare drum anyway? This sculptional design has the best of both worlds. For the music lover and the art appreciator, along with all the makings of a sturdy, useful and attractive furnishing.

Sculptional furniture is the new trend in modern design, and for good reason! Even those of us with plenty of room for sculptures and artwork in our homes will take a second glance, (and a seat!) at the many tasteful and diverse high-end sculptional furnishings and decor out on the market. If you say “Ooh!” when you see it, just wait until you say “Aah” once you use it.