Artistic Immersion: Virtual Paint

In San Francisco, video game developers Drew Skillman and Patrick Hackett created a new tool of expression known as Tilt Brush This innovative virtual reality program was bought by Google in April 2015. The program can now be purchased through Steam Store for 30 US dollars and a Vive VR Headset can be purchased for around 800 US dollars. A personal computer that is compatible will also be a prerequisite to this software.

Tilt Brush eliminates all need for materials and turns your room into a personal art studio.

One controller acts as a palate as the other acts as a brush. Not only is this a fully immersive experience, this software allows the artist to paint in three-dimensional space. For the first time in history, there is no longer the need to paint the illusion of three-dimensional space, you create the three dimensional space. Painting within the lucidity of a dream.

As time goes on the depth of the software is continuously updated and is moving toward the ability to produce animations and vast scenic settings and landscapes to portray stories and adventures. Tilt Brush can also be used for architecture and sculpting!

This tool and software has broadened the horizon for creativity for all mankind.