Artist Immersion: Mirror Mirror

Advancements in technology have brought about a vast amount of interactive experiences, since the dawning of television to today’s virtual reality. Rejane Cantoni & Leonardo Crescenti have devoted their lives to creating fully immersive displays that allow the public to experience and experiment naturally with virtual, remote and hybrid environments. Rejane studied communications, semiotics and visualization of information systems and kinetic interfaces in Sao Paolo and Geneva. Leonardo studied architecture at FAU/USP in Sao Paolo. since 1987 Leonardo has released 13 short films.

In recent creations, Rejane and Leonardo have created the infinity cube.

From the outside the cube reflects all that surrounds it making it seemingly invisible but, inside the cube is a whole nother world. The cube is consistent of 9 mirror panels on each side. Suspended from the ground about 25 centimeters from the floor on springs. The walls and panels do not touch, to allow light to enter. Upon entering, there are infinite reflections of the individual in all directions.The springs beneath allow the cubes to rock as the individual moves about within the cube, creating a kaleidoscope effect. In this infinite space, Rejane and Leonardo claim that it is perfect for quiet contemplation of inter-dimensions and the universe. “A small space containing infinite dimensions creates an immediate shift in what is understood to be the dimension they live in.” says Leonardo.

Leonardo and Rejane inside the ‘Infinity Cubed’

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