Art of Cooking: Frozen Flower Ice Cubes

Spring is here! The rose bushes are unfolding, the pansies are blooming and the daisies are showing. The beautiful bounty of Spring can be used for much more than sight and scent. These edible flowers can be frozen into ice cubes to make the prettiest display in our fruity punch bowl or in our sangria wine glasses.

Herbal Ice Cubes | Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

What You’ll Need:

  • Large ice cube tray
  • Water
  • Freezer
  • Edible flowers (rose, pansy, daisy, honeysuckle, lavender, etc.)

How to Make:

Frozen flower ice cubes are super simple to make! You freeze them in layers.

How to Freeze Flowers in Ice Cubes - Thrillist

First, pick or cut your flowers, leaving just a tiny piece of their stem. Fill with just a quarter of each individual cube container in your large ice cube tray with water. Next, place each flower face down inside of the individual cube containers. Freeze. Remove tray and fill each individual cube container 1/2 with water. Freeze. Finally, fill each individual cube fully with water. Freeze one last time. Once completely frozen, gently remove each ice cube and place in your favorite for a colorful floral display!

The flowers suggested above are edible and have nutritional value too. Perfect for a springtime gathering, a garden party, or to add a little extra beauty to your favorite drink!