Architects of Air: Immersive Maze of Color & Light

The Architects of Air Luminaria is an inflatable and interactive art installation at Pioneer Park in Phoenix, Arizona.

At first glance, the movable sculpture resembles an adult-size inflatable bouncy castle. Once stepping inside, visitors are immersed in an experience their website describes as, “somewhere between a womb and a cathedral.”

Created by Alan Parkinson in 1992, the Architects of Air luminaria has moved to over 40 countries, across 5 continents, welcoming more than 3 million guests into its exhibit.

Visitors are encouraged to explore freely in the space. Moving from room to room and section to section, the space has pockets filled with radiant color while mellow, ambient music plays throughout it.

Similar to color therapy and light therapy, each area flooded with light and color shifts the visitors perspective and creates a different mood.

Crevices for 2 to 4 people are placed in each section for contemplation, meditation, relaxation or photo opportunities.

The ceilings are marked with glowing geometric patterns and shapes.

Luminaria is comprised of winding paths, inspiring domes, natural forms and geometric solids. The Architects of Air art installation is designed to put visitors in a state of sensory bliss.