April showers bring may flowers

Well, it is April and depending on where you live, it seems as though you have about a 50/50 chance of either grabbing your sunglasses or your umbrella as you’re walking out the door. Where is your umbrella anyway? Buried in the hall closet? Under the bed or in the dog’s toy box? Wouldn’t it be nice to find the thing when you desperately need it and you’re late leaving the house?

Now, what do you do with your soaking wet umbrella when you come home? Lay it on your wood floor or set it on the table? You may not but there is a good chance that if you have kids, they probably do! Really, what else are they suppose to do with them?

An umbrella stand set politely at the door welcomes springtime, helps you find what you need and get out the door faster and gives everyone a universal place to put their umbrella when they come home. If umbrellas have a home, they’re more likely to make it there when not in use.

Umbrella stands don’t have to be boring though! Take for example, the cubed umbrella holder shown in the picture. It’s modern, attractive and stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about rusting and it certainly is one of those pieces that will catch the eye of anyone who comes in the door. They’ll probably even leave wondering why they don’t have one and how you ever came up with the idea that you needed one. Umbrella stands have been around a long time but they’ve never looked quite like this. You can find this cubed holder at CHIASSO online.