Ancient Eastern Medicine Uses Color in a Unique Way

Color Therapy or chromo-therapy is an old form of healing used in traditional chinese and indian medicine. While western culture understands the fundamentals of color in design, art and landscape, this holistic method uses colors to provide more than aesthetic value.

Through research and experimentation, it is believed among some eastern practitioners that specific colors can affect different organs in the body linked to our emotions, moods and physiological conditions. When the natural health and efficiency of an organ is disrupted by disease, sickness, or distress, exposing the body to a specific color aligned with the wavelengths of that particular organ will restore balance.

There aren’t many spas and treatment centers offering this ancient healing modality yet, however, you can create a similar effect in your home with the use of colored lighting (led lights, light bulbs or shades that change color lights color) or painting the walls of  different rooms specific colors and placing lighting strategically to amplify wall color.

If you experience any mild discomfort whether it be physical or emotional, consider giving color therapy a try!