Amethyst Ring in Israel Helps Provide Clues to Purple Stone Healing Properties

Amethyst used as decoration in raw form as large and medium-sized sculptural pieces have always been in style. We are beginning to see a surge in entire rooms, floor-to-ceiling and occasionally selected walls encrusted in raw and sculpted amethyst stones. 

amethyst ring encased in gold found in Israeli ancient winery provides clues to healing properties of precious purple stone for fashion, interior design and architecture, it is found in Yavne, Israel.
amethyst ring encased in gold found in Israeli ancient winery

Why is amethyst so popular as décor and wall adornments? 

Aside from its vibrant royal purple hue to lighter shades of lavender, amethyst is believed to have very specific healing properties. 

Although it can rarely be proven, in Israel, an ancient golden ring encasing a purple stone said to be an amethyst was found in one of the largest and most popular wineries during its prime. The excavation took place by Israel Antiquities Authority in the city of Yavne.  Its origins were for hangover prevention after a night (or day!) of heavy drinking partaking in the libations that flowed from within the winery. 

A Korean spa in New Jersey, King Spa & Sauna, also uses amethyst enclosed saunas as part of their luxury spa experience where visitors can lay in fully adorned amethyst rooms for rest and rejuvenation.

The middle east and east asia are not entirely around the world from one another. However they are definitely  different in culture and geography, demonstrating amethyst has been used in ancient healing techniques globally for centuries. 

It might cost you a pretty penny creating an entire room or even a wall in amethyst stones, but the benefits of having amethyst in your home to mind, body, spirit and of course, aesthetic are tremendous. It might be worth checking out if you are intrigued by the healing properties of natural minerals found within the earth’s crust as interior decoration.