Alternative Living: Eco Furnishings

Buying furniture can sometimes be a quick pick but, knowing what materials are used to create those products is a growing essential to not only furniture but, for the vast majority of all products bought in totality. Some materials are ecologically good for the environment than others.

Bamboo is one of those materials! Bamboo is said to be the fastest growing plant in the world, recorded at a maximum of 36 inches in a matter of only 24 hours! Running bamboo plant strains have a tendency to be a more aggressive plant that spreads like wildfire, because of this, it is essential to maintain a steady harvesting to eliminate excess from culminating.

If you buy bamboo furniture you are certainly taking a step in the right direction of being ecologically ethical and the bamboo furniture’s aesthetic itself is absolutely beautiful!

Some other Eco-friendly materials used for furniture are recycled or reclaimed materials. Additionally, furniture that can be easily disassembled to be repaired or to be repurposed at a later date is ecologically efficient as well!

Azara Nightstand
Azara Bamboo Platform Bed

Azara Nightstand
Azara Bamboo Night Stand is a wonderful source of bamboo furnishings with a variety of other Eco-friendly alternatives such as light fixtures made from recycled materials, upcycled to beautiful pieces to suit your green home.