Easy to Care for Cacti: The New Green Accent

A green thumb is all you need to care for most plants, but what if you do not have a green thumb? In fact, what if your green thumb is yellow, now it is turning brown, and before you know it, what?! Now it isn’t even there!

Even people with no thumbs can care for these plants, that is how easy they are to care for. I am talking about CACTI! That’s right, one of the most resilient plants that survive indoors in practically any climate or environment.

This isn’t the place to learn about how to grow or even care for your cacti. This is the place to know how awesome your cacti decor is going to look in your abode and we will tell you!

Cacti come in a variety of different colors, shapes and sizes. Round, tubular, short, tall, green, red, purple and yellow. They are natural sculptures. They jut out from the soil and appear like incredible organic formations.

Whether your home’s interior design looks like a desert dwelling, rustic romance novel, boho chic oasis, a southwestern sanctuary or a modern masterpiece, your cactus will fit right in.

Add these easy to care for houseplants to transparent cylindrical vases, elongated terracotta pots and shimmering metallic bowls.

Be careful! They are not recommended to be on low shelving where infants and animals can get ahold of them because of their spiky spines protruding out of them.

Despite their prickly status, they look good just about anywhere.

Some cacti even blossom with vibrant purple and vivid yellow hues beautifully contrasting with the sage green and lime green of their branches and stems.

They are absolutely stunning natural interior accents to have in your home, office or anywhere else you can think of! Some cacti lovers have even turned their car dashboards into homes for these hardy plants, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Cacti store water internally. They love sunlight. They grow upwards and outwards. This is why if you want a plant that is low maintenance but looks fabulous, give cacti decor a try to complement your interior design or revamp your prickly pad!