8 Modern Sofa Designs You Want in Your Living Room

What makes our living room complete? A sofa, of course! Sofas are one of the main attractions in most living rooms aside from the television, a record player or a computer.

Sofas are getting sexier and there are a few modern sofa designs you must consider before purchasing your next big furnishing to curl up next to your partner on or lounge around when you are watching the tube.

Bolster Pillows

Spice up the style with a little classic touch by adding matching bolster pillows to your sofa design.

Button Tufting

Another smart way to bring classic into modern is with button tufting on the backrest or seat cushions of your contemporary sofa.

Exaggerated Backrests

Nothing stands out like an exaggerated backrest on your crisp new sofa. A bold way to add more modern style to your living room setting.

Unique Legs and Bases

We don’t normally look at the legs of a sofa but when they are in see-through acrylics or in brass tipped wood, all of a sudden they are easy to spot.

Scallop and Clam Shell Design

The scallop and clam shell design is super hot in 2020. Armrests and backrests with beautiful arcs are ultra-classic and super feminine.

Velvet Upholstery

Want a little luxury in your life? Velvet upholstery is all the rage right now. Smooth, soft, comfortable for your high-class and daring self.


Sectionals are back baby! Who wouldn’t want a built in ottoman on their favorite go to spot for lounging around?

One Side Meets All

Continuous backrests that seamlessly flow into armrests are making a strong come back. Geometric design with a touch of class.

Leather Sofas

Has leather on furniture ever really gone out of style? Leather is the perfect fabric to break in overtime. It is perfect for those who like supple and smooth rolled into one package.

Skip the skirts and block bottoms, go for these 8 modern sofas that will transform your living room into a whole new comfy cozy oasis!