8 Modern Living Room Seating Alternatives

Your living room is the primary space where you, your family, friends and guests gather together. Choosing the right living room seating can make or break the space. These living room seating alternatives compared to the traditional sofa will add a personal touch to your room!

Floor cushions alternative seating padstyle.com

Floor Cushions Meditation Pillows

Meditation pillows have been used in different cultural designs and other places such as monasteries as seating. These give the space a more “down to earth” feel in your living room.

Swinging Chairs

Whether hung from the ceiling or attached to a stand, swinging chairs make a free flowing alternative to typical stationary seating. They add an element of playfulness to the space.

Indoor Hammocks

Similar to swinging chairs, hammocks add a bit of floating fun to your living room. Hammocks are believed to be excellent for spinal elasticity too.

Chaise Loungers and Daybeds

Chaise loungers have been used for centuries as a viable seating alternative. They are excellent for taking cat naps during the day and for stretching your legs out. Modern chaises can be made for more than one person. Daybeds are similar but can also come with folding features for multi-conversion, such as from a sofa to a bed or a chaise to a bed.

Window Seats

Window seats can be built into the architecture of your home. They are typically affixed to the wall like a bench. They align with the shape of the windows behind it.

Bean Bag Chairs

Not the same as floor pillows, but similar, bean bag chairs are usually larger and amorphic. Of course, they aren’t entirely shapeless, but they do bend and move along with the weight and movement of your body.

Easy Lounge Chairs

Instead of a sofa built for 2 or more, try easy lounge chairs. They separate seating for each person to have their own seat to relax in.

Multi-purpose ottomans

Ottomans are nothing new in the living room seating world. However, large ottomans that can be used for 2 people at once and double as another seat are a nifty alternative to standard living room seating.

Say goodbye to boring ole traditional living room seating! Give one or more of these seating alternatives a spin for a unique take on your modern living room.