Top 8 Unconventional Home Decorations for Bold Contemporary Designers

We know the basic home decorations. A stylish mirror, a hanging spider plant, handmade ceramic pottery, modern candle holders, even photos of family and friends. Many interior designers head straight to the basics when it comes to contemporary home decor. Have a little fun with your space by adding these 8 unconventional home decorations for a new take on room design.

Strange Sculptures

A cast iron crab with pinchers ready to pounce, an aluminum old school 90s cell phone, or a dynamic geometric iron cube. These strange sculptures are not your average mantle decor but they will turn heads and add a little unconventional character to your homes interior style.

Musical Instruments

New Ukrainian Trembita Traditional Bandura 65 (63) Strings (391 ...
Decorative Bandura Ukrainian Folk Instrument

Wind chimes have been used for years as outdoor decor creating a magical sound whenever the wind blows. Musical instruments can be used indoors as eye-catching decoration for both seeing and for playing. Even if you aren’t a musician, you can incorporate instruments into your interior design. You might choose a hand-carved wooden djembe to hang on your wall, a metallic harp nestled in the corner, or even a folk instrument used in whichever part of the world your relatives are from, such as a Bandura from the Ukraine or Bagpipes from Scotland.

Quirky Wall Art

A photograph of a field of flowers or a print of an original Monet might be easy on the eyes, but why not try wall art with a bit more quirkiness? A large-scale Jack of Hearts playing card, a curious cartoon frog wearing reading glasses or an aviation inspired wood canvas print. The possibilities are endless.

Custom Painted Murals

Custom Mural Wallpaper Hand Painted Tortoise Shell Back Tropical ...
Custom Painted Mural Accent Wall

Want something more permanent? Commission an artist or handpaint your own artistic mural directly onto one of your walls. Better than just a simple solid color accent wall, wall murals are the perfect decoration to express your personal style.

Decorative Bottles and Decanturs

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Decorative Bottles and Decanturs

Those empty bottles can be chucked in the recycling bin, or they can be used as decorations on a mantle or side table. Many bottles including wine, tonics and higher end beverages come in various sizes, shapes and colors. Once you’ve enjoyed the liquid inside of them, now you can enjoy them as decor. If placed together, they create a unique display contributing to your interior style.

Optical Illusions

Embellish your home decor with the optical art
Optical Illusion Modern Wall Art Accent

Optical illusions are eye trickery for the unconventional designer. They make incredibly cool accent walls in your home. They can even create the illusion of more space. Many come as removable wall decals or you can have them custom painted directly onto your wall.

Rocks and Minerals

Straight from the earth, these beautifully natural specimens need little enhancements to add to your homes decor. You can go hunting from them yourself or you can purchase them mounted onto bases and stands.

Living Walls

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Living walls bring the outdoors inside by turning one wall in your home into its on miniature biome. Living walls require their own irrigation system and water system that is built into the wall for the plants to live and to thrive indoors. A totally new take on plant life as home decor for your contemporary style.

Ditch the boring traditional home decor and opt for something with a little more style and personality. Our top 8 picks for unconventional home decor are for the contemporary designer who wants their interior style to reflect their quirky originality.