60 Chairs Built in 4 Days from Polystyrene

A new project called “60 Chairs” by designer Max Lamb celebrates traditional mid-century modern techniques to form 60 chairs out of five 4 inch slabs of polystyrene. These 60 chairs were produced in only 4 days time.

Max Lamb crafts 60 handmade chairs in three days

Traditional mid-century modern design uses sustainable materials which can be produced quickly and easily with little to know waste material left behind. Lamb handmade each chair himself including cutting, spraying, signing, numbering, photographing and even wrapping and packing them.

The project was executed inside of a box truck becoming his onsite workshop. This is the same box truck he used to transport the raw materials.  

“The making process was a constant counting game...60 chairs meant 240 legs and 540 individual parts in total. so much repetition. so much counting. so much longing to get to chair number 60,” said Lamb.

Inside of the truck, the worksite included hot wire tools and other necessary equipment designed to cut all 540 pieces and put them together into functional seating.