Top 6 Must-Have Gifts for Modern Dorm Rooms

The new semester is going to start soon after the holidays, of course. You may have missed the cut off for dorm room gifts but it is never too late to give your off-to-college loved one something special for their living space. We’ve got you covered for great gifts that will add comfort and convenience to their modern dorm room.

Funky Clocks

Time is of the essence! Especially when you are in school. Give their modern dorm room a cool retro-inspired clock to amp up the decor.

Sheepskin Pillows

These authentic sheepskin pillows are luxurious! Soft, natural and cozy. They will bring the comfort of home straight to their dorm room.

Contemporary Desk Lamps

Ditch the traditional desk lamps and get them something functional and stylish. These contemporary desk lamps can bend, move and bring the modern vibes to any dorm room.

Supportive Desk Chairs

We are sorry to say, but most dorm rooms come with hard wooden desk chairs. You can always replace their desk chairs with contemporary desk chairs which are much more supportive, comfortable and appealing. Remember, this is where they will be conducting most of their workload. They definitely need something better equipped for the hours spent at their desks!

Eye-catching Wall Art

The walls in dorm rooms are typically bare! They need eye-catching wall art to keep their active minds stimulated while working towards that degree! Give them something that will continue to inspire them.

Folding Table

This lightweight and folding table makes it easy for them to work anywhere or eat their dinner in their dorm without having to sit at their desk or on their bed. It folds for convenient storage. They can place it in their closet or off to the side when not needed.

These must-have modern dorm gifts are perfect for the holidays or as a kind gesture to let them know you care about their comfort. Your student will be thrilled to have such awesome new items for their dorm room!