6 Luxury Items For Your Home You Never Knew You Needed

It’s the little things in life, isn’t it? Sometimes we don’t realize the BIG difference a little thing can make. Especially, in your home! We made a list of 10 luxury items that will change the way you feel about your living environment.

Robotics in the Smart Home padstyle

Egyptian Cotton 350 to 700 Thread Count Sheets

Nothing feels better than crawling into a comfy, cozy bed after a long day. The one thing many people are missing from their lives? Super soft sheets. Egyptian Cotton with high thread counts are some of the softest and most comfortable sheets you can have. They might run you in a pretty penny, but they are worth it!

Multi-Setting Shower Head

One setting on your shower head? You’re missing out! Replace it with a multi-setting shower head. Some of the better ones have up to 6 settings or more. They change the way the water flows out, the amount of pressure and the water patterns. From a concentrated massage to a gentle rain-like feel, a multi-setting shower head will enhance your bathing experience.

High-end Daybed

Daybeds are one of the most underrated luxury items to have in your home. Daybeds can be converted from a regular sofa to a full-on bed, even to a chaise lounger. They are not only multi-functional but the best daybeds are made of plush materials and ultra-soft fabrics.

Smart Controls

Home technology has really made huge breakthroughs in the past few years. You can basically control nearly every feature in your home from one device, anywhere you are. This includes temperature, lights, security and even the electronics from one device. Many homeowners think the process is too complicated and too expensive. We suggest delving into the expansive world of smart control devices for your home to bring it into the 21st century.

Robot Cleaners

Cleaning isn’t exactly the favorite pastime for most people. In fact, if we can avoid cleaning altogether, we might hire a cleaning service to do the dirty work for us. However, if you want to keep your home fresh between deep cleanings, opt for a robot cleaner. There are a variety of robot cleaners from ones that can vacuum floors to those that can wash windows. Many robot cleaners are advanced enough to sense objects in the room and detect excess dirty or grime.

Voice Command

Voice command is a feature used mostly on cell phones, but don’t limit yourself to voice command controls for other electronics in your home. Save yourself the time of looking remotes and pressing buttons when you can hook up all your basics to a voice command control. Need the coffee pot turned on? Want to play a song? Want to shut off the backdoor light? Grab yourself a voice command device to say what you want.

Some of these luxury items are more affordable than others, but all of them are worth having in your home for the long haul. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself never wanting to leave the house after buying these luxury items!