6 Easy Holiday Traditions You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

The holiday traditions during this time of year are abundant. We know it can get pretty hectic with preparing for the big event. Incorporating these 6 easy holiday traditions will blend classic with contemporary for a memorable celebration.

1.Shut Off Devices / Reconnect with Family

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In some Orthodox Jewish traditions, Saturday of every week is the day of religious observance. One of their traditions is refraining from electronic devices and any household duties on this day. For the holiday this year, shut off your cell phones, turn off the television, put down the laptop and hold off on cleaning dishes or mopping the floors. Bring the family together in a way that connects you all with one another as you disconnect from the world outside of the home for one day.

2. Make Your Own Ornaments

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Decorating the Christmas tree is a beautiful tradition in Catholic, Christian and Pagan households. This year, make your own ornaments to add a personal touch to your tree. This can be done using craft materials like twine, ribbon and other natural accents. Another way is using salt dough that hardens once you bake it. Make ornaments with baking stencils, the way you would making homemade cookies. Poke a hole through the top for a hook or ribbon to go through so you can easily hang it from your tree. You can even stamp them for added style!

3. Visit Your Neighbors

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We spend a lot of time in our own worlds. Oftentimes, we forget that to the left and to the right of us are entire families we can connect with. Bake cookies or offer a gift either the day of the holiday or before and after the holiday. It is a beautiful gesture. Giving to those around you will spark lifelong friendships and a caring community in your neighborhood.

4. Set a Good Egg-xample

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Before the meal begins, use sliced hard boiled eggs, pieces of bread dipped in honey or another food cut into pieces for the entire family to eat. One by one, from oldest to youngest, pass along the food for each person to enjoy. This tradition showcases individuality with appreciation for the whole of the family. Some people even like to have the shared food blessed by a priest or ordained holy servant before serving the meal.

5. Watch the Yule Log or Build a Fire

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Maybe you have thought of this, since it has been around since the 1960s. Just to refresh your memory, the Yule Log is actually a TV program that has been around for decades. Essentially, it is a burning log on TV that airs from Christmas Eve into Christmas evening. Many families, even those with fireplaces, like to put this on their television throughout the holiday. If you would prefer to not have your television on or you have a fireplace of your own, consider starting a fire that will burn for the duration of the holiday. It symbolizes warmth, good will, comfort and continuous light into the darker winter months ahead.

6. Give Yourself a Gift

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We may be running around gathering gifts for others, but sometimes what we receive in return may not be what we needed or wanted. It is totally normal to feel appreciation but slight disappointment if it wasn’t what you asked for. In this case, think of others when gift giving but also think of yourself. Treat yourself to something nice this holiday season. Giving to others and giving to yourself go hand-in-hand.

Thought of these already? Share your holiday tradition to help others explore all the infinite possibilities you can do this holiday season to make your celebration a little brighter!