5 Tips for Decorating with White

Have you ever noticed how you can watch a movie and see a very modern home decorated primarily with white and a splash of color and it looks so chic yet when you try to copy the look in your home it makes it feel very cold and vacant? White is a tricky color to work with but with a few helpful tips, you can bring life into your space.

  1. Focal Point – You must have some WOW factor in the room that provides color. This could be a vibrant canvas, a sculpture or even a large, brightly-colored rug.
  2. Eggshell and Cream – Don’t be afraid to add a hint of eggshell or cream in the room somewhere, just to create a little depth.
  3. Flooring – White-washed wood, cork or a honed travertine are ideal. If you must have carpet, choose a wheat, moccasin or tan shade.
  4. Metal – Chrome, copper, nickle and stainless steel will all add elegance to white and should be used in decorative accents.
  5. Furniture – Keep furnishings clean with strong geometric lines. A stuffed white couch may look spectacular in a room with color but it’s just too overwhelming for a white room.

White can be a fabulous color to decorate with when used correctly. Always be sure to balance your space and any color you use other than white should ideally show up a few times, spread throughout the room but not all in one area. Bringing everything together is important in a white room because there aren’t other colors to cause a distraction if you get it wrong.