5 Glitzy Glass Houses That Make us Drool

Today we here at PadStyle are going to kick off our weekly “Friday Fun” series, because we all deserve some relief from the weekly grind. Every Friday we’ll bring you something new, cool, wacky, or just plain outrageous from the world of design.

This week we have collected five beautiful and over-the-top glass houses for you to admire. We love the glass look in any modern home, but these five not-so-humble abodes take it to the limit: wall-to-ceiling glass adorns their every surface. While they look stunning and represent innovative architectural feats, we wonder just how comfortable the inhabitants are with the outside world looking in on their every waking (and sleeping) moment.

Without further ado, the five glitziest, glamorous glass houses you’ll ever see:

Image credit: Hillery Priest Architecture

This house is simply breathtaking, with its modern blocky shape and glass from top to bottom.

The Palacio de Cristal is probably the most stunning glass house on our list. While it is no longer a “house” per se as it is now a tourist attraction residing in Buen Retiro Park in central Madrid, it is a stunning piece of architecture nonetheless.

Image credit: Boyarsky Murphy

This tiny abode is nestled in between two looming Victorian mansions in west London. While it might appear small, it adds an air of intrigue and subtlety to London’s often cramped and sometimes dilapidated streets.

Image credit: Werner Sobek

Yes, this is a real house and not just a design concept. The cube-like form and sharp lines are interesting on their own, but when we found out that this home is completely green – it generates its own heat, energy, and is even recyclable – our jaws dropped.

If you follow architecture, you’ve heard of LoftCube. They design “floating homes”, and the one pictured above is a glass example of the power that these portable lofts pack.

Image credit: LoftCube