5 Best Modern Ceiling Lamps of 2017

Lighting can change the entire ambiance of a roomand so can the style of the lamps shade and design.  This year it was all about geometric and prismatic shapes. We selected this years 5 best modern ceiling lights that bring that futuristic and ultra modern appeal to your homes interior living space.


Image result for pherix ceiling fixture



Pherix Ceiling Fixture – the lamp shade is made of glass,  multifaceted and exposes the light bulb with hexagonal patterns throughout it.




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Hopewell Ceiling Fixture – the design resembles a jewel or gem with triangular patterns encircling the bulb. The frame is made of wood and painted in vivid white.




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Rotorura Ceiling Lamp – This lamp makes a bold statement. It is in a diamond shape with the bulb fully exposed. The frame is made of a sturdy metal in an antiqued finish.




Ren Wil Renwil Empire 1-light Ceiling Fixture


Empire Ceiling Fixture – The design resembles a cage with an open bottom. The frame is made of metal with an elegant brass finish.





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Amethyst Ceiling Lamp – Similar to the Hopewell, this design sports a jewel-like appearance but with X shapes along the center. The frame is made of steel with an antique finish.