4 Distinct Southwestern Architectural Designs Combining Both Native American & Early Settler Styles

New Mexico architecture has 4 distinct architectural designs that demonstrate the influence of Native American and early settlers style on the culture of state.

1. The most well recognized is the adobe style featuring massive stucco walls with rounded edges and exposed timber beams and supports.

2. The second being the Pueblo or Spanish Revival, featuring flat-roofed adobes.

3. The third is Northern New Mexico style which adds a pitched roof to the adobe structure for necessity when snowfall occurs.

4. The last being the Territorial style, it is similar to the flat-roofed adobe but expands on the modern look with sharp, clean edges while adding brick trim around the rooflines and wood trim around the windows. This style can also feature vibrant hues like electric blue and fiery orange that stand-out among the neutral tones of the traditional architectural style.

Variations of these architectural styles can be found throughout the Southwest spanning from New Mexico to Southern California and even leading into some areas of Colorado.