New Additions for Your Space

Now it’s the New Year, you’ll want to accessorise your home accordingly. One of the most popular current trends is moving toward green energy and gadgets and furniture that will allow you to do that will be the focus of this article, with a few ‘cool’ things thrown in too.

• New induction heated ovens are being developed, which, for those unfamiliar with the technology, use magnets to heat pots for cooking rather than traditional gas.
• Espresso machine with biometric capabilities? Though this may sound like a sci-fi fantasy, it is now a reality; each member of the household can program their ‘favorite’ coffee, and then simply place their finger on the machine’s scanner to prompt the machine to consult their coffee profile and make their drink.
• Electric radiators: traditional methods of heating are not as productive as some people think and electric radiators are one direction in which you can move to reduce your heating bills and carbon footprint. Not only that, but they look stylish!
• Mushroom packaging: thought it doesn’t sound particularly appealing, an alternative to polystyrene (a burden on the environment) has been produced that involves shaping fungal mycelium (baby mushrooms) into boxes. These boxes are biodegradable and, as they are stopped from growing fully, free from allergens and unable to ‘go off’.
• A good old fashioned plant: what better way to make your home green than to add a few flowers and plants? Though not ‘new’, they are perennial and can be bought to suit any existing décor and personal tastes. My personal favorite is a conifer tree.