3 Unique Window Designs you can Play With

Today’s Friday Fun post is meant to inspire you to do something with those boring rectangular windows you’ve got. It is so important to have sunlight flooding into your home, but that’s just half of the equation: the other half is the portal through which it floods. So enjoy these three stunning windows that you can use for inspiration, and get renovating!

Arches have been part of modern architecture since the days of Julius Caesar, but that doesn’t make them ancient. There is something timeless about their sweeping curve and their tall form. Arched windows are a stately and bold item, and they will make your home feel like a castle. You can flank a large arched window with two smaller arches on either side, or convert all of your windows to the arched look for royal effect.

Image courtesy of 601 Dolores Street

Stained glass isn’t just for church windows anymore. It can be a modern approach to window treatment as well. Not only does it look stunning as-is, but when the light comes through, it casts a rainbow of colors onto the interior. To avoid a dated look, go for geometric patterns as opposed to floral.

Image courtesy of Just Glass Online

You can completely ditch your rectangular windows in favor of circles if you want to. Circle windows have not fully caught on yet, but just take a look at the image above: the inlaid circle increases the design of the whole room, giving the impression of an upgraded porthole. Circles should be used with caution, but they can definitely create a unique look.

Image courtesy of designShrine