10 Ways to Keep Your Homelife on Track

First things first, it will all be okay! Everyone needs to hear that once and awhile. This is especially true if we have responsibilities to fulfill and a homelife we want to sustain.

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The worldwide health pandemic with COVID-19 is a serious situation happening. We know anxieties are high and stress is increasing. It is important to maintain balance and harmony with as little disruption in your home life and day-to-day routine as possible.

Create a home office space

If you have to work from home, create an office space. This means ordering a mobile desk and a comfortable desk chair to feel focused and productive. If you dont have a spare room to create a home office, separate space by buying a room divider or partition for added privacy.

Stay on schedule

Even if your employers and coworkers are keeping their own hours, follow the same hours you would normally if you were going to the office in the morning and coming back home at night. It will keep your body clock on schedule. You won’t have as much loss of concentration.

Money issues

If money is becoming a problem depending on the company you work for, there are programs available to help. Check out local food banks for free groceries. File for food stamps, cash assistance and medical coverage. Find out if your state is offering loan, rent and mortage forgiveness programs. Even some banks and other private programs nationwide are offering temporary forgiveness and assistance.


If you have kids, most schools are officially temporarily closed. Keep them studious and on academic track by having then remain on a schedule and routine as if they were in school. Buy them office furniture and order books online.

It is helpful to designate household chores to your children. Although this seems like a spring break or summer vacation, your children can help around the house during this time away from school. This will relieve you of some of the tasks around the house and teach them domestic responsibilities.

If you have younger kids and you need to work, it is perfectly acceptable to use television, tablets, gaming systems and other electronics to give them something to focus on during the day. Moderation is key. Remember, it isn’t forever.

Plan ahead

Keep yourself and your kids from being bombarded by news and social media. Although electronics are acceptable in moderation, it is helpful to distant them from devices all day. Create lesson plans, a list of tasks and fun activities for the following day or for the week ahead.

Don’t panic

Keep cool, calm and collected. We know it is a scary time right now but it is temporary. Staying safe, healthy and level headed will help yourself and everyone else in the household free from worry.

Enjoy time at home

Projects and activities around the house you normally wouldn’t get to because of rarely being there can be accomplished now. Take advantage of this time at home. Rejoice in having family around you. Feel calm knowing you are in a safe and comfortable place.

Learn new skills and hobbies

Tons of people are heading to their computers to create Youtube channels and to use other sharing resources to express their knowledge on a variety of subjects and skills. Learn from them. Even create a your own channel or share your knowledge remotely with others in your spare time. It doesn’t have to be for profit, but if you find you really enjoy it, it could become another source of income.

Embrace the unknown

This is a perfect time to embrace the unknown and recognize the impermanence of life. We are very comfortable in our mindsets to such a degree it can prevent us from acknowledging anything outside of the life we’ve experienced for years. This is a chance to embrace the new and be daring to discover possibilities we might have never explored before.

Enjoy the outdoors

If you have a front porch, patio, balcony or backyard, it is a good time to make it another room in your home. Turn your outdoor property into an extension of your indoors. Read outside, work outside, plant a garden, buy an outdoor lounge chair, embrace the sunshine without having to be confined to an office.

It is an unusual time but it doesn’t have to be a horrible time. Remember, we all might be experiencing different circumstances right now, but these helpful tips will bring you back to center and keep you on the path to even greater outcomes. Fear is only a four letter word if you dont allow it to control you.